Baloo - Plainfire's Better Than Ever

Clyde - Neala's Xtraordinary

Dean - Gillian's Choice Dream on

Dylan - Caci's All you need is Love

Flinn - Miss Mallorys Never Give Up

Fynn - Windyhollows Keep in Touch

Greg - Double Chocolate z'Mokré Hory

Herbie - Herb of Grace du Val de Riberot

Ice - Blacktoft Fire N'Ice

Liam - Crazy Tail Kaus Borealis

Lennie - Plainfire's Feather in my Hat

Nero - Neala's Koh-I-Noor

Shadow - Comics Breaks Every Rule

Sky - Blue Sky is the Limit Basteta

Toby - Plainfire's Keep on Moving

Frozen Semen

Blue - Comics New Blue Chip

Lennox - Tarpilens Sogno di Cioccolata


Dwayne - Toffedream Cause for Applause

Rino - Crazy Tail Ribes

Quinn - Caci's It's Born to Perform

Deckrüden aus unserer Zucht

Fly - Neala's Question of Honor

Lou - Neala's Tobermory

Naiko - Neala's Nat King Cole